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Metal Hand Bender

We have some of the most affordable prices found anywhere for high-quality hand tools such as a 3" or 6" hand seamer, bent seamer, hand held bender and replacement blades for both 7" and 10" benders. Our sheet metal hand bender uses compound leverage to seam, flatten and bend sheet metal, is strong and durable for reliability and long life and features thick vinyl handles with handle stops for comfortable, easy operation.

Our siding bender and straight hand seamer can be used equally well when working with siding, aluminum roof flashing, fascia, coil and HVAC ductwork. Seamer jaws are marked at equal increments to provide a basis to achieving precise measurements when bending. These tools allow you to form, bend, and shape many different non-ferrous metals.

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BLADES - 7" & 10" FOR BENDER  BENDER, HAND HELD BENDER      Hand Seamer 3" RS103
Our Price: $20.41
Hand Seamer 3" RS103
Our Price: $50.00
150-261 150-260 130-834
Bent Seamer RS203 seamer, hand seamer, bent seamer, bender, 3" seamer, 6" seamer
Bent Seamer RS203
Our Price: $55.00
Hand Seamer 6" RS606
Our Price: $60.00
130-835 130-836